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Allogeneic approaches are deemed the future of cell therapy due to their potential to reduce costs, increase accessibility and enhance availability. However as clinical readouts emerge, challenges associated with limited durability, solid tumour targeting and therapy immunogenicity are hindering their efficacies.

The Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit Europe is returning in January to capture the clinical advances of European drug developers whilst addressing the specific challenges they face in development. These include European regulatory affairs, donor selection, scalable manufacturing and therapy persistence.

With continued investment and growth in the allogeneic space, join European leaders from Gadeta, Antion Biosciences, TC BioPharm, and many more, as well as the US leaders undertaking European trials. This includes Atara Bio and Adicet Bio, as they progress development of multiple cell types to produce the next-generation of safe, effective and accessible cell therapies in Europe.

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