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The mechanisms underlying nucleosome- and chromatin-based functional control of genomes are studied very broadly across biological systems and at an increasing rate. Additionally, the research being conducted in this field is important as it ultimately impacts and informs basic biology, as well as also contributing to a translational importance in human disease. Therefore, this conference will encompass themes of chromatin mechanisms, including DNA and RNA modifications, histone modifications, ATP-dependent nucleosome remodeling complexes, histone variants, chaperones and others, as they intersect with cell identity, cellular and transgenerational memory, with genome function, with nuclear structure, and with biological questions and disease implications. The topics will also encompass newly emerging technologies and computational approaches to study chromatin and nucleosome structure, function and genomic location. This conference is being held jointly with Chromatin Architecture in Development and Human Health, which will focus on 3D genomics. There will be a joint Keynote speaker, as well as joint sessions. By pairing these two conferences together, it is anticipated that there will be a strong interest from researchers and scientists who are working in these fields.

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