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The rapid development of CRISPR/Cas-based technologies makes it possible to modulate genomes with relative ease. These tools can help us understand how genetic variation influences phenotype and thereby answer long-standing questions in biology that impact human health, laying the foundations for precision medicine for heritable diseases and cancer treatment.

The 5th CRISPR and Beyond conference provides a forum for biomedical researchers from academia and industry working on high throughput screening, genome engineering, and variant effect interpretation to discuss perturbations at scale to understand genomes.

This year’s meeting will highlight recent advances enabled by emerging technologies and models, including computational approaches and designing DNA for function. Discussions will focus on the recent discoveries in precision genome editing, coding and non-coding variation and genetic interactions. A panel discussion will probe how generative modelling and other applications of machine learning are shaping the present and future of the field, and impacting experimentation.

Find more information at https://coursesandconferences.wellcomeconnectingscience.org/event/crispr-and-beyond-perturbations-at-scale-to-understand-genomes-20240422/

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