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A large number of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) with a surprisingly wide-range of cell-type specific expression profiles are present in human transcriptomes. Emerging evidence points to their critical roles in human physiology and pathology and some are recognized as potential therapeutic targets. However, many seminal questions in regard to their mechanism of action remain largely unexplored. There is a need to understand how different regulatory RNAs are processed and regulated, how they act and function in different physiological and disease contexts, how their essential structural modules are built, organized, and interact with proteins and other RNAs in the cell to carry out their functions. We also need to elucidate how the fundamental biology of regulatory RNA can be translated to therapeutic approaches. At this conference, we aim to bring together scientists who study the basic biology of diverse types of ncRNA molecules from generation and processing, structure, mechanisms of action to functional significance in different model organisms, as well as those who develop cutting-edge RNA technologies, biomarkers and medicines for translational purposes. We anticipate that this conference will provide an integrated platform for scientists to communicate the latest available innovative technologies and methodologies that will speed up the exploration of both fundamental regulatory RNA biology and translational applications.