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The World Oncology Cell Therapy Congress (April 2023) is the only annual meeting bringing together drug developers, investors, solution providers and clinicians whose purpose is to deliver safe and effective adoptive cell therapy products to clinical implementation.

Demonstrating the value of innovative cell therapy products and securing access for patients is a key priority for all developers. In 2023, the World OCT Summit will become the only industry forum to add an exclusive pre-event evening networking session for clinicians looking to overcome barriers to patient access and facilitate clinical distribution of transformative cell therapy products. The congress will also redefine industry networking, with every attendee incentivized to complete a profile, enabling everyone to find and touch base with the pioneers and companies they would like to meet.

The congress schedule will also be revamped and be repositioned to reflect the dynamic research environment of the cell therapy field. Our on-stage talks, panels and Q&As will come under the following themes – ‘Breakthroughs and Pipeline Advancements’, ‘New Cell Therapy Platforms and Enabling Technologies’, ‘Manufacturing at Scale and Commercialization’ – and with our pre-event evening expanding into ‘Cell Therapy Access and Clinical Trial Delivery’.

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