Genome Engineering: CRISPR Frontiers

Cold Spring Harbor One Bungtown Road, Cold Spring Harbor

The specific goal for this meeting is to foster fruitful and creative interactions between researchers interested in applying these systems to genome engineering and related advances in a wide variety of organisms, together with scientists studying the basic biology of CRISPR-Cas and related bacterial defense systems.

Human Gene Therapy Conference

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf, Victoria

Gene Forum takes the honour to invite you to the International Human Gene Conference which will be held on September 26-28, 2022 at Melbourne Australia. Over the past few years, Gene therapy has become a regular talk for the scientists and researchers from academia and industry all over the globe. Gene therapy is very huge and more team’s diverse research is needed to find the effective treatments and best possible ways to manage the rare diseases. With a great substantial research on genetics happening in this part of the world, therefore it has developed into a forum to discuss important challenges in this field. The aim of the conference is to bring together all the key stakeholders interested in genetics and gene therapy to share and discuss advances and developments in these fields. Therefore we aimed at assisting academicians, business executives, researchers, scientists, manufacturers, gene therapy companies, communities, and agencies to keep on new developments in their specific fields and to join forces in finding alternative solutions. It’s a unique way to approach and encourage a dialogue between speakers and delegates through its well-planned agenda with the series of talks, poster presentations, panel discussions and networking events that will keep participants engaged in learning. This will help rising scientific queries and provide solutions for a smarter and more advanced future. We are stepping forward to create a platform to bring all the researchers from around the world and the research community to collaborate with the industries to focus on their efforts. The industry partners and attending experts will also provide a fantastic networking experience.

World Molecular Imaging Congress 2022

Miami Beach Convention Center 1901 Convention Center Drive, Miami, FL

The World Molecular Imaging Congress brings together people from across the globe who represent the entire spectrum of Molecular Imaging. These individuals gather at WMIC to exchange ideas and foster innovation. The scientific and educational sessions are replete with leaders in the field and young scientists alike, each of whom has made significant contributions to our understanding of biology, advanced technology innovation, and/or evaluated new developments in the clinic. These sessions are complemented by thousands of abstracts that detail advances and highlight the latest developments in Molecular Imaging. Our industry exhibitors and sponsors showcase their innovations in the exhibition hall and lecture hall, detailing advances that will refine your animal models, accelerate your research, and improve clinical care. Each WMIC session is packed with innovative ideas and cutting-edge research. Molecular Imaging is a window into biology that enables discovery. We use these windows to investigate new biology and increase understanding, and the better we understand biological processes of living systems, with all of the contextual influences intact, the more effective our therapies will be in the clinic. Molecular Imaging lies at the heart of precision medicine. WMIC is the event that showcases all of the innovations in Molecular Imaging and shows the utility of novel imaging strategies in clinical investigation and the study of disease. Molecular Imaging as a field lies at the nexus of innovation in chemistry, hardware development, software innovation, biology, and medicine, and the WMIC is where you will hear about the most exciting highlights and the most in-depth evaluation. You will not want to miss WMIC 2022 in Miami!

18th Annual Meeting of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society

Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak 7677 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ

The Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society (OTS) Annual Meeting is a forum for the realization of the Society's mission and goals, to foster academic and industry-based research and development of oligonucleotide therapeutics. Leaders in the field from across the globe alongside students will present on an array of topics, including chemistry, AI/machine learning, genome & RNA editing, and preclinical and clinical research. The Annual Meeting is open to anyone interested or involved in oligonucleotide therapeutics.

2022 VEGA Symposium

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 1 Cyclotron Rd, Berkeley, CA

The VEGA 2022 symposium aims to bring together a “viral ecogenomics” community to foster discussion on how to best capture and characterize uncultivated viruses, understand the role of viruses in natural ecosystems, and functionally explore viral genetic diversity toward innovative biotechnological and industrial applications. This 2022 edition will focus in particular on experimental innovations, computational advances, and other technological developments that will enable researchers to functionally characterize novel viral diversity and investigate virus-virus and virus-host interactions in nature. The symposium will also include organized discussion sessions to gather input from the community on the most pressing challenges faced by researchers in the viral ecogenomics fields. Participants will notably be invited to open discussions designed to shape the future design of IMG/VR (the database of uncultivated viral genomes) to maximize its usefulness for the different actors in the field (i.e. gene-centric experimental approaches, ecosystem models, host-based evolutionary analysis, etc), as well as frame a potential viral-focused calls for projects at the JGI.

Drug Repurposing for Rare Diseases 2022

America Square Conference Centre 17, One Crosswall, America Square, London

Our annual conference highlights the role that drug repurposing can play in lowering the cost and accelerating the development of rare disease treatments. The drug repurposing field has shifted after stepping into the limelight during the COVID-19 pandemic. The world is beginning to care about drug repurposing and is recognizing the opportunities to repurpose a drug to treat an often rare and neglected condition. Repurposing schemes, projects and ideas are all in place to accelerate access to desperately needed medicines – the answers have been right under our noses all along!

2022 Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa

Carlsbad, CA

The Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa is the sector’s foremost annual conference bringing together senior executives and top decision-makers in the industry to advance cutting-edge research into cures. Tackling the commercialization hurdles facing the cell and gene therapy sector today, this meeting covers a wide range of topics from clinical trial design to alternative payment models to scale-up and supply chain platforms for advanced therapies. The program features expert-led panels, extensive partnering capabilities, exclusive networking opportunities, and 100+ dedicated presentations by the leading publicly traded and privately held companies in the space. Attracting over 1,200 attendees – over 20% of which are C-level executives – this conference enables key partnerships through more than 3,000 one-on-one meetings while highlighting the significant clinical and commercial progress in the field.

Cardiovascular Disease Model Satellite 2022, 20th International SHR Symposium & 58th Japanese SHR Meeting

Shirankaikan Annex 11-1 Yoshidaushinomiyacho,, Kyoto, Sakyo Ward

Cardiovascular disease model research has seen remarkable advances in the last decade. The technology is staggering, the magnitude of human studies is extraordinary, the sophistication of animal models is outstanding, and the revelations regarding the insights into the genomics and other omics are absolutely fascinating. Yet the future prospects are even more exciting. These will be core elements of the Cardiovascular Disease Model Satellite 2022, with the main theme: “Innovative science of hypertension-related disease model towards precision medicine and prevention” to envision the future, building on today’s achievements. Cardiovascular Disease Model Satellite 2022 is an official investigator-led satellite to the International Society of Hypertension Meeting in October 2022 and we are delighted that it will also incorporate the 20th International SHR Symposium and the 58th Japanese SHR Meeting. We should like you to be part of this stimulating meeting. The quality of our Committees and International Advisory Board will ensure that the research presented is at the forefront of the field. This will include the latest in genomics and other omics discovery, control and integration of gene expression, biomarkers, systems biology, pharmacogenomics, epigenetics and functional validation. The Satellite will span 1.5 days and will be held on Sunday 16 and Monday 17 October 2022. Although the Satellite was scheduled to be held in a hybrid format (face-to-face and virtual), I announce with great regret that we have decided to hold the meeting in a semi-hybrid format. That is, except for the speakers who can come to deliver their presentation at the venue located within the Kyoto University, the other speakers and the audience will participate in the meeting online. As an Investigator-Led Satellite, we are keeping costs to minimum and you will find details regarding Abstract Submission, Registration and related matters on this website. We look forward to your participation in a memorable meeting and contribution to future of Cardiovascular Disease Model Research.

NYSCF Conference

The Rockefeller University 1230 York Ave, New York, NY

The NYSCF Conference is the premier translational stem cell research conference. Held annually for the past 16 years, it has brought together world-leading experts from various disciplines across biomedicine and biotechnology to present the latest cutting-edge stem cell science.

Tri-Omics Summit Europe

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary events! Therefore, it’s our pleasure to invite you to the Tri-Omics Summit, coming to London in October 2022 as a one-stop-shop for multi-disciplinary teams to come together to address the challenges of “omics” data analysis and effectively deliver precision medicine. Join us from 18th-20th October as we explore the realms of multi-omics, single cell & spatial analysis and cancer genomics from discovery, through translation and into meaningful clinical outcomes for patients. Driven by our social mission, we are pleased to offer free tickets to everybody employed exclusively by a research institution, hospital, clinic or a pharma company with an existing drug pipeline. You can expect to hear from experts in the fields of multi-omics, single cell & spatial omics and cancer genomics.

ASHG 2022 Annual Meeting

Los Angeles Convention Center 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA

We are excited to welcome you back in-person to Los Angeles for ASHG’s annual meeting, taking place this October 25-29. Attendees can look forward to reconnecting with peers, engaging in discussions on research findings and sessions, all while enjoying the beautiful attractions and backdrop LA has to offer for this long-awaited reunion.

5th International Conference on CRISPR Technologies

UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

CRISPR 2022 brings together investigators focused on enzymes and technologies, predominantly CRISPR-based systems, but also other promising systems and approaches, to discuss advances in the field and ways to harness genome engineering for beneficial purposes. Topics range from fundamental biology to translational and applied applications and include studies across the diversity of life. Importantly, speakers and participants represent both academic and commercial interests.

ISSCR 2022 Boston International Symposium

Boston Marriott Cambridge 50 Broadway, Cambridge, MA

Join us for the ISSCR 2022 Boston International Symposium on Cell Manufacturing and Commercialization “Translating Pluripotent Stem Cell Discoveries to the Clinic: Preclinical, Manufacturing, and Regulatory Strategies for Success,” which will take place at the Boston Marriott Cambridge Boston, MA from 17-19 November 2022. The meeting will bring together international academic and commercial scientists with expertise in the preclinical, clinical, and regulatory phases to discuss the critical processes and strategies in the successful development of PSC-derived therapies. Sessions will cover some of the latest thinking and approaches for selecting the cell line, characterizing the product and manufacturing considerations, managing the immune system, and working with regulators throughout the process. We hope you can join us in one of the world’s hubs of biotechnology.

Cell Bio 2022

Walter E. Washington Convention Center 801 Mount Vernon Place NW, Washington DC, DC

After two years, Cell Bio 2022 will return as an in-person meeting December 3-7, 2022, in Washington, DC. We are excited to make it possible for colleagues to reconnect face-to-face, while keeping health and safety paramount. We understand flexibility is also important. In addition to our in-person meeting, limited content will be available on-demand for purchase after the meeting so that all scientists can access the cutting-edge cell biology research that was presented during the in-person meeting.

Advances in Therapeutic Applications of Stem Cells

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 8700 Beverly Blvd #2900A, Los Angeles, CA

Stem cells are moving toward the clinic as cellular therapeutics in several indications and are being tested in clinical trials in others. They are also employed to advantage in the discovery of novel therapeutics in several modalities, including physiologically relevant toxicity and drug screening platforms, and lend themselves to other treatment modalities, including gene therapy, and personalized precision medicine. The goal of this Cell Symposium is to bring together clinicians, academic researchers, and industry and regulatory stakeholders to discuss advances in the field and to champion new ideas to overcome the current challenges across the clinical and translational spectrum of stem–cell-based research and therapy.

International Conference on CRISPR and Gene Editing


The International Research Conference is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program. Events will run over a span of time during the conference depending on the number and length of the presentations. With its high quality, it provides an exceptional value for students, academics and industry researchers. International Conference on CRISPR and Gene Editing aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of CRISPR and Gene Editing. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of CRISPR and Gene Editing.

Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing

Francis Crick Institute 1 Midland Rd, London

The Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing will take place on 6-8 March 2023 at the Francis Crick Institute, London UK. Building on previous events held in Washington, D.C. (2015) and Hong Kong (2018), this Summit will continue the important dialogue around human genome editing. It will facilitate a global discussion on somatic and germline genome editing, including developments in clinical trials and genome editing tools such as CRISPR/Cas9. Earlier this year a three-part series of online events Looking Ahead to the Third Human Genome Editing Summit discussed some of the key topics of the meeting. The three-day summit is being organized by the Royal Society, the UK Academy of Medical Sciences, the US National Academies of Sciences and Medicine and The World Academy of Sciences.

RNA and DNA Editing and Epitranscriptomics Across Biological Systems

Ventura Beach Marriott 2055 Harbor Boulevard, Ventura, CA

The RNA Editing GRC is a premier, international scientific conference focused on advancing the frontiers of science through the presentation of cutting-edge and unpublished research, prioritizing time for discussion after each talk and fostering informal interactions among scientists of all career stages. The conference program includes a diverse range of speakers and discussion leaders from institutions and organizations worldwide, concentrating on the latest developments in the field. The conference is five days long and held in a remote location to increase the sense of camaraderie and create scientific communities, with lasting collaborations and friendships. In addition to premier talks, the conference has designated time for poster sessions from individuals of all career stages, and afternoon free time and communal meals allow for informal networking opportunities with leaders in the field.