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ExperimentPeptide Shuttle optimization to deliver Cas12a RNP to human airway epithelia cells
Experiment ConditionFSD168 Disul.
Assay Description: Calculated editing efficiency by % of NGS reads that showed an indel
Tissue Measured:
Measurement Type:Editing Efficiency
Record ID15000000842

EditorAsCas12a (Feldan Therapeutics)
Delivery SystemFSD168 Disul.
Delivery System SubtypeAmphiphilic peptide
Guide3849 45-5'

Model SpeciesHuman
Model NamePrimary Airway Epithelia

Application Method
Application Site
Dosage2uM gRNA, 1.33uM Cas12a, 40uM Shuttle
Injection Frequency
Injection Rate
Injection Volume
Days post injection
Editor FormatRNP
Antidote Id
Antidote Description

Measured Values
Samples Size: 3
Replicate Result (Editing Efficiency)
Measurement Units: % of reads
Mean 9.1 
1 8.3 
2 10.5 
3 8.5