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 Human kidney organoid (iPSC-derived)
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Other Measurement
Record Id Condition Sex Model Delivery Vector Dosage Biomarker Detection KIM-1 (pg/mL) Image
15000003428 Control Male Human kidney organoid (iPSC-derived) control
15000003429 AAV2/2 Male Human kidney organoid (iPSC-derived) AAV AAV2/2CMVeGFP MOI=10^5
15000003430 AAV2/8 Male Human kidney organoid (iPSC-derived) AAV AAV2/8CMVeGFP MOI=10^5
15000003431 AAV2/9 Male Human kidney organoid (iPSC-derived) AAV AAV2/9CMVeGFP MOI=10^5

Biomarker assays to evaluate toxicity and inflammation induced by AAVs in kidney organoids. BJFF samples showing KIM-1 levels using Luminex (Bio-plex 200). Groups were divided based on infection from Day 21 - 24 and Day 25 – 28.