SCGE ID13000000042
NameAi9-SauSpyCas9 mouse
Official NameB6.Cg-Gt(ROSA)26Sorem1(CAG-tdTomato)JaHe
AliasSaSp Ai9, SaSp single-guide Ai9
DescriptionAi9-SauSpyCas9 is a version of Ai9 that has a single guide RNA sites on both sides of the STOP cassette. This is a Cre reporter allele that has a loxP-flanked STOP cassette preventing transcription of a CAG promoter-driven red fluorescent protein variant (tdTomato) - all inserted into the Gt(ROSA)26Sor locus. Ai9 mice express robust tdTomato fluorescence following Cre-mediated recombination.

SourceBaylor College of Medicine

This Model System: Ai9-SauSpyCas9 mouse is being used
Project Initiative Contact PI
Animal Reporter and Testing Center Initiative Jason D Heaney, PhD
(Baylor College of Medicine)
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