SCGE ID14000000020
NamepH509 AAVsc-u6-sgAI9L-U6-AI9R-U1A-EGFP (1)
DescriptionAAV2/5 expressing SpyCas9. AAV2/5 expressing two sgRNAs under U6 promoter and eGFP
TypeViral Vector
SubtypeShuttle plasmid

SourceGao Lab


Annotated MapH509 AAVsc-u6-sgAI9L-U6-AI9R-U1A-EGFP (1).gb

This Vector/Format: pH509 AAVsc-u6-sgAI9L-U6-AI9R-U1A-EGFP (1) is being used ...
Project Initiative Contact PI
Delivery Systems Initiative Guang-Ping Gao, PhD
(University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester)
NIH Report