SCGE ID12000000190
DescriptionThe nanocapsule is a thin glutathione (GSH)-cleavable covalently crosslinked polymer coating around a preassembled ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex between a Cas9 nuclease and an sgRNA. This nanoparticle has an addition of a RVG peptide YTIWMPENPRPGTPCDIFTNSRGKRASNG which specifically interacts withthe N-acetylecholine receptor (AchR) on neuronal cells, which mediates NP entry
Subtypepolymer-RNP nanocapsule

SourceGong Lab

Nanoparticle Size38 nm
Zeta Potential3 mV


This Delivery System: RNP-NC-RVG is being used
Project Initiative Contact PI
Animal Reporter and Testing Center Initiative Stephen A Murray, PhD
(Jackson Laboratory)
NIH Report