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 Alt-R® S.p. Cas9 Nuclease V3
Guide Target Locus
 GFP_IVS2_654 Reporter
 GER18/19 gRNA2 FWD
 GER18/19 gRNA3 FWD
 GER19 Heterozygous Blastocyst
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Editing Efficiency
Record Id Condition Editor Model Target Locus Guide Editing Efficiency Signal Editing Efficiency % of blasts with GFP activation Editing Efficiency % of blasts with edits Image
15000003449 Dual guides Alt-R® S.p. Cas9 Nuclease V3 GER19 Heterozygous Blastocyst GFP_IVS2_654 Reporter GER18/19 gRNA2 FWDGER18/19 gRNA3 FWD

Validation of Gene Editing Reporter 19 (GER19) Mouse Model in Heterozygous Blastocysts

Zygotes were electroporated with Cas9 RNP along with test guides and were cultured 96 hours to blastocyst stage. Blastocysts were imaged for GFP fluorescence and scored for fluorescence signal.