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SCGE ID:1036 - Submission Date: 2021-04-17 
Experiment Name Type Description
Selection of gRNA sequences and gRNA scaffold modification lead to improved editing of the Ai9 locus in vitro

In Vitro Reporter transgene activation by SaCas9 gRNA target and modified scaffold sequences by transient transfection in immortalized Ai9 mouse fibroblasts
Testing gRNA sequence and gRNA scaffold modified in Ai9 mice.

In Vivo 3e11 vg/mouse of AAV-BI28:GFAP-SaCas9-WPRE-pA and 3e11 vg/mouse of AAV-BI28:GFAP-NLS-GFP-U6-L1-U6-R2 were codelivered intravenously to adult male and female Ai9 mice. Editing was assessed in brain sections 4 weeks later.