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Experiment: Testing gRNA sequence and gRNA scaffold modified in Ai9 mice.

PI:   Benjamin E Deverman, PhD 

3e11 vg/mouse of AAV-BI28:GFAP-SaCas9-WPRE-pA and 3e11 vg/mouse of AAV-BI28:GFAP-NLS-GFP-U6-L1-U6-R2 were codelivered intravenously to adult male and female Ai9 mice. Editing was assessed in brain sections 4 weeks later.
Editing Assay: - Editing efficiency assessed by quantifying tdTomato positive area above threshold

Organ System Overview

Delivery Efficiency
Editing Efficiency
Target Tissue
Not Available

Analyze Data Sets Available for this Experiment
  Cerebral cortex (astrocyte)  (TARGET)
  Dorsal plus ventral thalamus (astrocyte)  (TARGET)
  Striatum (astrocyte)  (TARGET)