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Experiment: Testing newly chemically modified crRNA and tracrRNA in mouse Neuro 2A cells

PI:   Erik J Sontheimer, PhD 

Chemically modified crRNA and tracrRNA were delivered by electroporation to mouse Neuro2A cells. Editing activity was determined by Sanger sequencing
Editing Assay: - Calculated editing efficiency by PCR amplification and sanger sequencing analysis.

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  Guide Target Locus
 STS204 (DNMT1; Sp_t41:Sp_c20_Dnmt1)
 STS205 (BACE1; Sp_t41:Sp_c20_Bace1)
 Neuro 2A

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Editing Efficiency
Record Id Condition Sex Editor Model Target Locus Guide Dosage Editing Efficiency % of Lesion Image
15000000560 STS204 (DNMT1) (5 pmol RNP) Male SpyCas9-3xNLS Neuro 2A Dnmt1 STS204 (DNMT1; Sp_t41:Sp_c20_Dnmt1) 5 pmol RNP
15000000561 STS205 (BACE1) (5 pmol RNP) Male SpyCas9-3xNLS Neuro 2A Bace1 STS205 (BACE1; Sp_t41:Sp_c20_Bace1) 5 pmol RNP