SCGE ID14000000039
DescriptionNovel engineered AAV BI28 variant expressing NLS-GFP driven by the glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) promoter and dual sgRNAs with modified scaffolds
TypeViral Vector

SourceDeverman Lab

Genome SerotypeAAV2
Capsid SerotypeAAV BI28 (novel engineered variant)
Capsid VariantBI28: 7-mer peptide insertion (VP1 588-589) within AAV9 K449R

Titer MethodddPCR, average of two titers using ITR and WPRE primers

This Vector/Format: BI28:AAV-GFAP-NLS-GFP-WPRE-synpA-L1-R2 is being used ...
Project Initiative Contact PI
Delivery Systems Initiative Benjamin E Deverman, PhD
(Broad Institute)
NIH Report
Animal Reporter and Testing Center Initiative Jason D Heaney, PhD
(Baylor College of Medicine)
NIH Report