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Experiment: Enabling Nanoplatforms for Targeted in vivo Delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 Ribonucleoproteins in the Brain.

PI:   Shaoqin (Sarah) Gong, PhD 

Nanocapusules carrying CRISPR Cas9 RNP with guide RNA targeting the stop sequence in the Ai14 transgene are intracerebrally delivered to Ai14 mice and gene editing is measured by gain of tdTomato protein expression.
Editing Assay: - Editing efficiency calculated by counting the percent of NeuN+ neurons expressing tdTomato surrounding the injected area of the striatum

Organ System Overview

RNP-NC-no ligand
Delivery Efficiency
Editing Efficiency
Target Tissue
Not Available

Analyze Data Sets Available for this Experiment
  Cerebral cortex (neuron)  (TARGET)