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Experiment: Cre Recombinase dose escalation study in Ai9 mice

PI:   Aravind Asokan, PhD 

A single stranded cmv cre cassette was packaged into AAV9 or AAVcc47 and injected intravenously in Ai9 mice. We injected n=3 at three different doses (1e10, 1e11, 1e12 vg) and harvested organs 4 weeks post injection. Fluorescence intensity in liver, heart, and skeletal muscle was quantified with tiff based images in Image J and neuronal transduction from each vector was quantified at the 1e12vg dose by counting the number of tdTomato+ neurons and number of NeuN+ cells from multiple sections and images.
Delivery Assays: - Delivery efficency was calculated by measuring fluorescent intensity in tdTomato+ cells from multiple images and sections in liver, heart, skeletal muscle
- Delivery efficency in brain was calculated by counting the total number of TdTomato+ neurons and total number of NeuN+ cells

Organ System Overview

AAV9-CMV-Cre, 1e12vg, Male
AAV9-CMV-Cre, 1e11vg, Male
AAV9-CMV-Cre, 1e10vg, Male
AAV9-CMV-Cre, 1e12vg, Female
AAV9-CMV-Cre, 1e10vg, Female
AAVcc47-CMV-Cre, 1e12vg, Male
AAVcc47-CMV-Cre, 1e11vg, Male
AAVcc47-CMV-Cre, 1e10vg, Male
AAVcc47-CMV-Cre, 1e12vg, Female
AAVcc47-CMV-Cre, 1e10vg, Female
Mock, 1e12vg, Male
Mock, 1e11vg, Male
Mock, 1e10vg, Male
Delivery Efficiency
Editing Efficiency
Target Tissue
Not Available

Analyze Data Sets Available for this Experiment
Liver and Biliary
  Liver (unspecified)
  Heart (unspecified)
  Skeletal muscle tissue (unspecified)
  Cerebellum (neuron)
  Hippocampal formation (neuron)
  Cerebral cortex (neuron)